Since 1847 Noddfa has been at the heart of our community.

We are Christians from a variety of backgrounds, with different temperaments and personalities, saved by Jesus Christ, by God’s grace despite our unworthiness, and we want to live our lives to His glory.

As a growing church, we want to live as a caring, vibrant family together, carrying one another’s burdens and setting one another’s needs before our own.  We want Noddfa to be a place of belonging and a place of growth where the love of God is shared and experienced among us and through us to the Valley we have been called to serve.

Who we are

Ministry Leadership/Servant team

Rev. John-Edward Funnell (Pastor John),

Elder Jason Miller,

Elder Mark Gregory,

Deacon Kevin Cooper.

Deacon Wayne Probert.


Rev. John-Edward Funnell, Susan Davies, Audrey Cullis, Liz Perez-Powell, Ellie Creighton, Laura Robinson


Susan Davies, Elizabeth Perez Powell, Ellie Creighton

Music – Laura Robinson, Harriet Funnell, Lydia Comptom

Audio/Visual – Tracey Cooper, Max Gibson.

Prayer Warriors – Carol Liddiard, Caroline Doherty

Home visits – Lisa Lloyd, Caroline Doherty, Pastor John, Jason Miller, Anne Murphey

Hospital visits – Pastor John, Laura Robinson (NHS Befriender)

Stewards – Alley Brereton, Ellie Creighton, Wayne Probert.

Youth Ministry workers – Harriet Funnell, Lisa Lloyd, Liz Perez-Poweel, Beth Kight, Chloe Miller,  Ellie Creighton, Abigail Gregory, and Wayne Probert.

Youth Leaders – Cosmin Coada, Abigail Gregory, Anne Murphy

Foodbank – Mandi Archer and Russ Archer

Garden Project – Jane Anslow, Jamie Sweeting, Sammie Brierly +team.

Youth Volunteering – Sammie Brierly, Liz Perez-Poweel,

Homeless Ministry – Wayne Probert

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