Let’s Go

We want to give every person a chance to participate, enjoy and achieve by making music together.

The lessons are Bible themed but you do not have to be a Christian to join in. All are welcome to learn, explore and question through music and song.

All of our participants will have regular opportunities to perform at Noddfa Church and at our various community events including Summer Fete’s and Carols Under the Arch.

Building confidence and purpose.

How Can we Help?

We can take small groups or entire classes through age appropriate Bible Stories with instrumentation. Each person can play along as they learn and interact through song. Reduces stress and promotes happiness.

Gospel choirs can be started and nutured  with various opportunities to perform through the church and other local community events.

This service is fully funded by Noddfa Church for schools, care homes and charities.

We are here to serve you.

Laura Robinson leads the Let’s Go Music ministry

Laura has over 20 years experience in the Professional Music Industry. Laura is qualified in Classical Singing and musical theory (to Grade 8) and has a Diploma in Popular Music. Laura has taught Singing and Music Therapy for over a decade and delivers LAMDA and Music Theory Awards for dozens of students. Laura is qualified in Early Care Services. Laura has worked in Nursery, Primary and High School Education. Laura is trained in Dementia and Elderly care and is an NHS Befriender. Laura is a Christian, Member and Trustee of Noddfa Church.

Laura can be contacted by email laura@NoddfaChurch.com

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