Noddfa Church is proud to partner with Alpha to provide a fun and interactive learning environment where life’s biggest questions can be discussed and answered.


Eating food together creates space for people to connect, relax and share life on a deeper level.


Together we will watch a short film that will raise challenging and profound questions that will encourage, educate and enthuse discussion.


The discussion time is an opportunity for people to respond to the talk, hear from others, and contribute their own perspective in an honest, friendly, and open environment.


The second Saturday morning of each month (9-11am)


Session 1 – Is there more to Life than this? – 11th January

Session 2 – Who is Jesus? – 8th February

Session 3 – Why did Jesus die? – 14th March

Session 4 – How can I have faith? – 11th April

Session 5 – Why and how do I pray? – 9th May

Session 6 – Why and how should I read the Bible? – 13th June

Session 7 – How does God Guide Us? – 11th July

Certificates awarded

The course will then continue for those who wish to progress.

What next?

The course and breakfast has been paid for in full by generous donations from the church. There is no obligation and no risk, we simply ask that you pre-book your place on the form below for the 11th of January so we know how much bacon, sausages and eggs to buy (vegetarian options also available). We will then keep you in touch before each meeting thereafter.


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